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Heating and cooling can be one of the main factors for inefficiency across your home. If you have an older furnace, air conditioner or central air unit, your Florida home could be experiencing ongoing issues with inefficiency with every new energy bill you receive.

If you want to enjoy cooler comfort and some savings on every energy bill it’s very important that you are using the best in high efficiency air conditioners. As one of the largest consumer of energy in your Florida home is your HVAC system, around 40% of your utility bill is directly linked to your heating and cooling. With the heat and humidity of Florida it’s essential for any home or business owner to feel confident in the performance rating of their cooling installation. Proper installation of controls for your thermostat and a new system will help to make sure that your air conditioner did not have to work overtime and that you are not experiencing any type of heat/cooling loss in your home.

Sizing an air-conditioner appropriately for your home is very important to keeping your home temperature well-regulated. Reducing the total number of cycles associated with your air-conditioner can help to prolong equipment lifespan. An air-conditioning installation expert can properly size the space inside your home and install a modern high-efficiency air conditioner that can handle the size of the space with maximum efficiency.

High-efficiency air conditioners today also have improvements to sensor technology, thermostats and more. The way that the distribution is handled by a high-efficiency air conditioner is far different from an older style air-conditioning system. Newer air-conditioners devote up to 70% of the air-conditioning unit to cooling and 30% to humidity for a far more effective use of energy and greater cooling power with a smaller air-conditioner.

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What Our Clients Say

Boyle Air did an amazing job on my air conditioner. I had my air handler in my attic and it was causing huge issues. The owner Mike came out and gave us a free estimate and tons of options as far as what type of unit, the size of the unit and how they could install the new air handler in our garage. After we gave them the go ahead on the job, they were out to my house the same week and did a great job. They even offered to give us a window unit and next day service but Mike managed to get the ac running while here giving me an estimate. My unit not only works great but it is more efficient and is saving me a ton of money on my electric bill. I keep my house very cold and my electric bill is still 30%-40% lower then it was before the new unit was installed. The whole team at Boyle were great and I would recommend them to anyone in need of a new AC unit or Air Conditioning repairs.

David Wright


Great, same day installation. Called about one room not blowing out like the old system. They came right away and saw their was a kink and fixed then and there.

Darlene Mello


Called for a estimate they came out that day talked to us told us what we needed gave us a written estimate and replaced our unit the next day would highly recommend them.
Doris Kurtz


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